Offering the best quality of wine is about knowing what makes a good wine

The Blackfirars Wine Bar tells you everything about wine. How it is made, how to choose it and how to get the most out of it

what makes a good wine?

Obvisouly, good wine comes from good grapes, but what other elements matter in the process of making wine: 

Terroir: 3 sub-element related to terroir: Soil, Flora and Climate

Grapes and when they are picked up, the 

Fermentation and temperature: There is 3 different types of tank  to ferment the wine, Oak, Concrete and Steel. Each type has its own property, but only the oak tank will give the wine a special earthy taste.

The techniques used to make the wine: Back a few centuries ago, french people used break the grapes by walking on them, there is now 2 style which are Pump Over or Punch Down.





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